Yellow is offering professional short courses film and video production from our studios in Oxford or London. They are designed  for anyone looking for a better understanding of the art form as a whole, within specific areas of the business; creative, technical and otherwise.


Yellow - Write The Killer Script

Yellow - Production Management

Yellow - Producing & development

Yellow - How To Freelance

Yellow - Entering The Industry

Yellow - Creating A Business Plan


8 weeks (one evening per week): £495

This course is designed for anyone who’s ever wanted to make their own films and television programmes. Students learn the basics of production including idea development, writing and camerawork before they get out there and do it for themselves. They then assume the seated position in the editing suite. The course includes:-

  • Script writing
  • Script editing
  • Storyboarding
  • Shot listing
  • Scheduling
  • Casting
  • Directing on set
  • Working with actors
  • Camera operating
  • Sound operating
  • Premiere Pro editing
  • Fundraising
  • Pitching
  • Networking
  • Investors
  • Target market planning
  • Sales analysis
  • Managing a development budget
  • Legal requirements
  • Contracts
  • How to set up a company
  • Shares and what they mean
  • Business planning
  • Manage relationship with your bank
  • Bridging loans
  • UK Tax credit
  • EIS structure
  • Exhibitors screenings (cinemas)
  • Industry screenings
  • Distribution
  • Sales Agents
  • Marketing, PR and advertising
  • Designing of Poster
  • Events management
  • Security
  • Booking celebrities
  • Film festivals
  • Market places
  • Film rights
2 x 3 hour evening sessions and 1 x 5 hour session on Saturday: £295

This course is designed to provide a practical and powerfully effective approach to getting great performances for film, television and advertising.  Students learn how to quickly diagnose what’s going wrong with performances, and how to swiftly and succinctly improve them.


2 x 3 hour evening sessions and 1 x 5 hour session on Saturday: £395

This course is designed to bring you up to speed on all aspects of shooting video with an HDSLR and train you to get that ‘film look’ production value. The footprint of the camera systems are enabling 35mm ‘film like’ quality on tiny budgets. Canon have a range of DSLR’s from the 550D, 60D, 7D, 5D Mark II and EOS 1D Mark IV all of which deliver outstanding image quality. Nikon and Panasonic and Sony are also offering a range of HDSLR’s with video capability.


2 x 3 hour evening sessions and 1 x 5 hour session on Saturday: £395

This course is designed to provide a detailed and practical guide on how to produce broadcast factual programmes and independent productions. Starting with the early stages of how to develop an idea, it takes students through idea development, treatment presentation, budgeting, scheduling, cash flow, legal and compliance issues to the finished product and beyond to international film festivals, sales and distribution including video on demand web marketing.


6 weeks (one evening per week): £495

This course is designed to develop the storytelling and writing skills of film, television and digital media production teams over a range of platforms and genres and to review trends in cross-platform scripted content. It is ideal for digital media content development teams, producers, directors and writers. As a guest lecturer Andi has taught film, video development and production for the past fives years at the London Academy of Media, Film and TV and SAE in London and Oxford. He has developed a number of classes and sessions which he has also taken to other film schools, private academies, universities and media organisations. He is currently writing a book about independent filmmaking, is continuing his lectures and is available for hire.

Yellow 2015 POST PROD Temp