Yellow Media Entertainment is owned and run by Andi Reiss. We have been leading documentary, commercial and corporate media production for over a decade. We have won awards for our work, had films broadcast on television and created lots of top notch on-line content.

We’re creative professionals with a broad range of backgrounds in media, and we’ll inspire your viewers with captivating scripts, cinematic production values, eye catching animations and unique post production styles. We’ve a hugely diverse collection of films under our belt, from hard hitting documentaries to high-end commercials, corporates, live events and  music videos.

We work in a paperless environment as it not only saves the environment but it also saves us a lot of money. We encourage others to do the same, by automating business processes and transitioning to more eco-friendly workflow solutions.

Here is a collection of content to help make things clearer for you, and we’d be delighted to help you get the best returns for your money.

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<strong>Silhouette Secrets (2105)</strong>

<strong>Planning a new Helsinki (2015)</strong>

<strong>Positive Hell (2014) <a href=””>Visit Website</a></strong>

<strong>Positively False – Birth of a Heresy (2012) <a href=””>Visit Website</a></strong>

<strong>Homecoming (2012) </strong>

<strong>Looking Outside My Window (2014)</strong>

<strong>Amazing Grace (2011)</strong>

<strong>RHCM (2011)</strong>

<strong>State of Play – The Music Manifesto (2008)</strong>

<strong>Killer Cure (2008)</strong>

<strong>Ekal (2004)</strong>

<strong>Empty Vessels (2004)</strong>

<strong>Special Delivery (2004)</strong>

<b> </b>

<strong>Miss Julie (2014)</strong>

<strong>The Darkest Place (2010)</strong>

<strong>Cargo (2005, Content Media)</strong>

<strong>The Obit Woman (2011)</strong>

<strong>Into The Sunshine (2010)</strong>

<strong>Little Angels  (2005)</strong>

<strong>Sleeper  (2003)</strong>

<strong>EA XMAS (2013)</strong>

<strong>NYU Stern (2012)</strong>

<strong>We Launch (2012)</strong>

<strong>The 400 Club Opening (2011)</strong>

<strong>State of Play – The Music Manifesto (2008)</strong>